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Hey guys, my name is Susie. I'm 15 and from Australia. I found this community through a friend of mine. Sounds like you have a fantastic idea for this community. I'll give you guys a bit of background info about myself, seeing as though it is ten past twelve and I was told to get offline ages ago and I could get caught any moment...

We'll start with music shall we. I somehow have let music rule my life. There may have been a point where I could have stopped and said, I will rule my own life, however I chose the path of much musicality. I play piano, oboe and am struggling to teach myself guitar. It's a very amusing sight to see me behind a guitar, I assure you. I am very much into indie music, for example, the Arcade Fire, the Kills, but I enjoy listening to just general music. Like really, when people say they can't define their favourite style of music, I really mean it. I adore the Beatles, the Beach Boys and heaps of other sixties bands. Ahh I could go on about music forever.

This is not a music community though, is it?!?! Duh. The reason I joined this community is because I really love finding people I feel that I connect with, and when you guys wrote that you watch Disney movies into the wee hours of the morning I just knew I'd found a whole community of kindred spirits. So it is with this that I finish my elongated spiel about nothing and invite you all to add me, I'm really warm and fuzzy, despite what my user name describes.

love susie.

Oh wait, here's something extremely dorkish about me. I do German at school right? And to help myself practise the past tense I have been speaking German to my friends (or should I say, meinen freund). I'm not so great with plurals unless I have a dictionary, but I muddle through. Yeah. Ich liebe Deutsch.
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