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allo. So after beign called adork numerous times by my friends and enduring many stares in my direction i am proud to find people similar to me! i never thoguht myself as a dork until i realized (a)my favorite movie is poohs hefflump movie but my favorite tv show is on CNN and www.commondreams.com/world.htm is the most godly website ever. (b)i dance to my own tune during lunch (c)i believe that wearing a cape and a fairy skirt is cool jsut cause it is (d)i cant count and finally (e)cows make me happy
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Well, welcome to the dorkiest community around :) I'm one of your fellow dorks here, though as you'll notice your fellow dorks don't really post all that often here =/ Oh well, anyway I tried finding commondreams.com but couldn't get there, little help? :) Oh because twice is just as charming as thrice- welcome :)
well just telling you commondreams is a website that shows you every newspaper thats printed in english. there are tons of different perspectives and hilarious articles.
sorry i put .com lol anyways yea thanks for the welcome!