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dorksarewe's Journal

dorks without shame
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we are sara and joanna. we were sitting in joannas room one night when it hit her - faster than the night she walked into a metal poll - we wanted our own lj-community. maybe even something with a "deep" meaning, which would be really moving and kinda cool and all that stuff. so we created THIS! *waves arms around wildly*

remember when blogs were really cool? well, this is sort of a throwback to that, in the sense that, if you join we *really* want you to post. something to know about me is i love REAL SUBSTANTIAL CONVERSATION. capital letters and all.

who should join? well, we're dorks. we don't love math or anything, (actually, we ABHOR it, but that's another story, eh?) by dorks, we are referring to the fact that we march to the beat of our own drummer. we'll stay up all night to watch disney movies, sit in diners for hours talking about things that make elderly ladies shoot us evil glares, listen (and love, damnit) mandy moore and hanson, and will definitely not be at that keg party on friday night. we're doing it our own way, whatever that is.

really, it's about not having shame. liking who you are and doing what you want and being happy without regard for THE MAJORITY or WHAT THEY SAY or any of that. do you have to be a freak misfit outcast noncomforist anarchist? no, we're not any of that. just please be you.

so come on. say hi. we don't bite (well, only when it's appropriate), we're all uberfriendly, and we like you all ready.

join. all the dorky kids are doing it.

(P.S. we love jess, she's cooler than fire, she's the reason this exists, everybody worship her and stuff.)